A Solution To Store Items In Your Garage

5 December 2022
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If you have difficulty finding items in your garage, due to how many cartons and loose items are stored on the flooring, it may be a smart decision to invest in a storage rack. The purchase and installation of an overhead rack will allow you to free up a considerable amount of floor space.

Materials Needed

Research some residential rack systems that are designed to be utilized in a garage. An overhead system is one that will keep your personal possessions organized and dry. This type of system will consist of framework pieces, a shelf, and hardware. You will need a few items to support the installation of the rack.

An overhead rack will be designed to be suspended horizontally under the ceiling within your garage. The framework will be designed to be anchored directly to the rafters or panels that traverse the ceiling. A measuring tape, a drill or screwdriver, a ladder, and a marker can be used while you are lining up the rack and installing it.

Measurements For Storage And Organizational Strategies

Rack system products that are designed for use in a garage will contain measurements that correlate to the amount of storage space on the shelves. The measurements will also indicate how much space there is between the top frame pieces and the top of the shelf. A manufacturer will list how much weight a rack is designed to hold.

The weight limit should not be exceeded, since this could place the rack in danger of coming loose from the ceiling. After choosing a rack that you would like to purchase, set up your ladder and stand on it while you mark the portions of the ceiling where you will be installing the frame pieces.

Once you purchase the overhead rack, remove the rack pieces from the product's box. Use a screwdriver and hardware to secure the pieces that make up the framework. Use the same tool and the remaining hardware to attach the shelf to the rack. While you are standing on the ladder, align the rack so that it is resting horizontally under the ceiling.

Use a drill or a screwdriver to attach hardware to the frame pieces. Once the rack is stabilized, clean out your garage. Decide which items you would like to store on the overhead rack. Place the items on the rack, being sure that the weight of the items is evenly-distributed.

Contact a supplier to learn more about garage storage rack installation