What You Should Inquire About Self-Storage Units

6 April 2021
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If you want to get rid of clutter in your house or you have some items which are taking up space in the house, your best option is a self-storage facility. These facilities are also ideal for situations when you want to store items temporarily. Before you settle on a self-storage unit, you need to inquire about four main things: insurance, duration of the contract, safe storage, and locks. 


You should inquire from the self-storage owner whether they have insurance. If they do not provide insurance for stored items, you will have to insure your own belongings. Many claims against self-storage units arise when an occupant assumes that the operator had insured the stored goods.

Remember, most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover items stored outside the house. Therefore, inquire from your homeowner's insurance provider before renting a self-storage unit. If your homeowner's insurance does not cater for items stored in a storage unit, it will help to seek advice from the self-storage operator on the most appropriate insurance for your goods.

Duration of the Contract

The terms of renting a storage facility will depend on how long you want your items stored in the unit. When looking for self-storage, you should choose between long-term and short-term storage. If you are storing items for a short time, you should inquire what time intervals the facility accepts.

For example, you probably want to rent the facility for a week. Some facilities require you to rent a unit for at least a month. There are other self-storage facilities that do not require a contract, meaning you can even rent a unit for a few days. These self-storage units may charge on a daily basis and cost more than other units. 

Storage Safety

One of the most important things to inquire about when renting a storage facility is safety measures. You need to know whether the facility has CCTV surveillance or whether there are armed guards at the entrance and exit points. You also need to inquire about fire alarms and climate control measures.

It is also important that you ask the facility owner to give you tips on storing items safely. For example, you should ask about stacking boxes safely. Part of storage safety involves knowing what to store and what not to store at the facility. For example, the condition of the facility may not be ideal for perishable goods, or it may not be safe enough for storing priceless jewelry. 

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