When Do Storage Units Work Better Than A Storage Pod?

10 December 2020
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Storage pods have become more common in recent years. Homeowners like that a pod can be delivered to their home and positioned in the yard, and then filled at their convenience. These are very real advantages of storage pods — but this should not be taken to mean that traditional storage units are no longer useful. In fact, there are some situations in which a traditional storage unit is likely to be your better option.

When you need climate control.

Storage pods are convenient, but they are not climate-controlled. If you are storing items that are sensitive to changes in humidity or temperature, then you will want to rent a storage unit in a climate-controlled building. Leather goods, wooden furniture, plush furniture, mattresses, clothes — these are all things that should be stored under climate control.

When you need to leave your items in storage for a long time.

If you're storing things for a couple of months, then a storage pod will work just fine. But if you're planning to leave your items in storage for 6 months, a year, or even longer, then you are better off renting a traditional storage unit. You probably don't want a big pod taking up half your yard for this long. Plus, a traditional storage unit tends to be more affordable for a longer rental period like this.

When you live in an apartment.

Another situation in which you're better off renting a storage unit is if you live in an apartment. You probably don't have a yard or a good place to park a storage pod. And even if your landlord were to agree to let you put a storage pod near the apartment for a while, you may not want to risk bothering other residents with it. Keeping things in an off-site storage unit is simply better for your relationship with your landlord and other renters.

When you are worried about security at home.

Storage pods do lock, and you could install a security camera on your home to keep track of who is coming and going. But if you are worried about security in your neighborhood and don't want to invest in a camera, then renting an off-site storage unit is a better choice. These facilities are typically designed with security as a top priority. Security guards, good locks, and gates will keep your items safer than they might be in your own yard.

Self-storage units are still a great option for many homeowners and renters. Visit various storage facilities near you to explore your options.