How to Properly Store a Mattress

28 September 2018
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Mattresses are arguably the most important belonging that you own, since you spend almost a third of your life on them. This means that when putting your mattress into a self storage unit, either because of a home renovation project or because you are moving to a new property, you want to make sure that you are taking the correct measures to prevent any sort of damage to your mattress. After all, you make to make sure it is safe and comfortable to sleep on when you remove it.

Use a Mattress Cover

The first thing that you should do when moving your mattress into a storage unit is put a mattress cover on it. A mattress cover is a plastic, waterproof membrane that covers the entirety of your mattress. A mattress cover will prevent moisture damage, pests, dust, and other dangers which it your mattress may experience while in transit and storage.

Store Horizontally

Another important thing that you can do when putting your mattress into a storage unit is to keep it horizontal. Storing it sideways can cause the bedding to physically shift, creating a lumpy or uneven surface that is hard to reverse and extremely uncomfortable to sleep on.

Don't Stack Other Items on the Mattress

You aren't likely to rent an entire storage unit for just a single mattress, and while space is at a premium, you should make every effort to ensure that your mattress does not have items stored on top of it. As mentioned above, uneven weight can cause lumps and depressions to form in the mattress that may be impossible to remove and that will ruin the comfort of your mattress.

Store Off the Ground

Because of the risk of moisture seeping through the concrete floor of your storage unit, you shouldn't store your mattress on the floor. Instead, try to store your mattress on top of other boxes that evenly support its weight, or better yet, on the box spring itself (though be sure to use a mattress cover over the box spring as well).

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Finally, the last thing that you should consider when putting your belongings and your mattress into storage is whether you should invest in a climate controlled unit. These types of storage units will maintain a steady temperature and humidity level, which greatly reduces the risk of moisture damage and mold growth.

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