Tips For Properly Storing Your Boat At Home

6 February 2017
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When your boat is not in use and you will be keeping it at your house, you need to make sure that you are storing it in the best possible manner. This way, your boat will remain protected and in top notch condition.

Find Shelter For It

You could build your own shelter for your boat, or you could purchase a large car-port building that you can set up on your own. If you need a little help with that, you could always purchase the car-port, have it delivered, and then hire a general contractor to build it for you. While this will not keep all of the rain or snow off of your boat, it will keep a lot of it off. Also, it will keep your boat out of direct sunlight so you will not have to worry about the color of the various materials on the boat from fading out too quickly.

Use A Cover

There are a lot of boat covers on the market, and you will want to stick with one of those instead of just throwing construction tarps all over the boat to cover it. The reason is because the covers made specifically for boats will allow the boat to breathe. Even with a cover, there will be a certain amount of moisture that will make its way into the boat. You want a cover that will allow for that moisture to dry up so mold and mildew do not suddenly become a problem for you.

Remove Everything That You Can

You might want to take the additional step of removing everything you can from the boat. This includes everything from the cooler that you normally keep on the boat to the life jackets that are stored in a closed compartment. The more you remove from the boat, the less likely it is that anything will become damaged or get in the way of the boat remaining moisture-free. After all, a bunch of stuff sitting around on the boat can trap some rain water in the carpet, causing it to take a lot longer for all of it to dry out. Plus, you do not want to worry about theft.

You should be more than ready now to store your boat at home. All you have to do is clean it up, prep it for storage, and then get it stored until the next boating season. However, if you decide that storing your boat at home is too much of a hassle, contact a boat storage company in your area, such as Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, for other options.