Top 3 Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit Before You Move

28 September 2016
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Are you thinking about moving to a new city? Are you unsure whether or not you'll make the move a permanent one? Relocating can be hectic and confusing, but there are ways to make it easier. One of the best ways to ensure a smooth moving process is to rent a local storage unit. Here are some ways that this can help:

Save space: No matter which direction you'll be moving across the country, you undoubtedly have items that will be of little use to you in your new location. For example, a snowblower might be extremely helpful if you live in Minnesota, but worthless in Florida. Scuba equipment can be fun in California, but has little use in Nebraska. Instead of lugging heavy equipment across the country and then back again, simply rent a self storage unit nearby. Along with household items that will have little use, you can store seasonal clothing that will be inappropriate for your new city. Instead of having to find a house or apartment that will fit everything, you can rent a smaller space that holds only what you need..

Save money: It can be quite expensive to move things from one place to another. Even if you choose to move everything yourself, extra weight means more money that you'll spend on fuel. You'll also save money when you are able to rent a smaller place in your new city. While a self storage unit obviously isn't free, it may seem like it is once you add up all of the money that you'll be saving and compare it with the cost of the storage unit itself. It's also much cheaper than simply maintaining two households: one in your current city and then the temporary one that you'll be moving to in the new city. 

Save time: If your temporary job turns into a permanent one, you'll obviously want to move more of your belongings to your new home. By having everything already packed up and sorted in your self storage unit, you don't have to waste time flying or driving home to pack and sort things yourself. Instead, you can hire someone to ship your belongings to you or ask a friend or relative to take care of it. As long as you packed and labeled everything properly, you'll be able to get your beloved family heirlooms while your extraneous belongings can be donated or thrown away.

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