4 Tips For Keeping Your Outside Storage Unit Free Of Insects

21 September 2016
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Having a convenient place to store your things is ideal. This can enable you to have more living space and provide you with an additional location to put many of your items. You may need to rely on an outdoor storage unit to make this happen with ease.  One of the challenges you may face with this type of unit is keeping it free from unwanted visitors, such as bugs or insects. Here are some tips for keeping your storage unit bug-free.

Tip #1:  Be proactive

One of the first things you will want to do is to think about the items you're storing. If these items can be placed in containers that will help keep them protected, you will want to do so. 

Additionally, be sure to put your lids securely on the container to keep it tightly closed. This can be extremely helpful in preventing the insects from invading your belongings.

Tip #2: Use plastic

It's a great idea to use plastic to cover all of your furniture going into storage. It's common for extra sofas, mattresses, and other items to be placed in an outdoor storage facility.

However, taking the extra time to wrap these things in plastic will protect the furniture from insects, pests, dust, and water damage. Make sure the plastic is heavy duty, and secure it with tape so it doesn't slip off.

Tip #3: Don't store food

Placing food inside of your storage unit is an invitation for bugs and insects. You will want to avoid putting any items that can be eaten in this unit.

Keep in mind that even food that is wrapped or boxed up can be easily compromised by ants, bugs, and other insects.

Tip #4: Get it sprayed

One effective way to help you avoid dealing with pests entirely is by taking the time to hire a professional pest control company to spray before placing your items in the unit.  

This may cost a bit extra initially, but could save you money in the long run by preventing any damage to your belongings and providing you with additional peace of mind in the process.

There are many benefits of having extra storage space that you can use at any time. The key is to minimize the possibility of insects invading your territory. Be sure to consult with the storage company you choose to provide you with additional tips on keeping your items safe from insects that could visit your unit today.