Landscaping Business Growing? What To Do With The Extra Equipment You Have To Buy

1 September 2016
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If your landscaping business is growing and you have purchased a lot of extra equipment, you may be wondering what you are going to do with it. Below are some ideas to help you out so you can concentrate on your business.

Storage Unit

One of the easiest things you can do is to store your things in a storage unit. Because your things are irregularly shaped, such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers, weed eaters, and more. A large storage unit will allow you to organize your things in a way to make everything fit. If one is not large enough, you can always rent more than one storage unit all next to each other.

Clean the equipment after each day before you put it in storage. This is especially true for things you will not use every day. Left on dirt can harden and be difficult to remove, and can even get into important components inside the equipment. Left on grease will build up on important components.

If you have anything that uses fuel and will be in the storage unit longer than a couple of weeks, remove the fuel. You can either drain the gas or use the equipment until dry. If you have not changed the oil in some time, put new, clean oil in the equipment. Old, gunky oil will build up on the engine and other components and cause problems when you take the equipment out.

Hang anything that has a sharp blade on the wall of the storage unit. Make sure the unit is climate controlled if the climate affects any of your equipment. The storage unit facility should have good security, and find one that is closest to your business.

Your Garage

If you do not want to pay money for a storage unit, you could store your things in your garage if it is large enough. Do the same things above with changing oil and draining the gas. If any equipment has to be protected from cold temperatures, cover them with tarps in the winter.

Purchase a cork board and hooks to hang your tools in the wall. Install stronger clips on the wall to hang other equipment, such as the leaf blower, electric saws, and weed eaters. If you are storing the tools long term, you can push them into a bucket of sand to keep them from rusting.

To really keep things organized, install shelves on one of the walls in your garage. Make the shelves deep enough so larger equipment will fit into them. Put drawers for your small items.

Storing your landscaping equipment in the right way will not only help you save some space, but will keep your equipment in better condition.