What To Do With Your Stuff When Moving Temporarily

31 August 2016
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In this day and age, it's becoming more and more common to move to another city temporarily. Whether it's for an internship, or simply to experience a new way of life, there's still a major question that comes with the move; what should you do with your stuff when you're not sure how long you'll stay? Here are some options. 

Pay a Friend to Store Your Stuff

If you feel that you might come back to your original city, you might not want to spend the money to move all of your stuff to the new city. In this case, you might consider paying a friend to store your stuff. This way you're not imposing on a friend and you'll be helping them cover their rent costs for a while. 

Use a Self-Storage Unit

You might want to skip that hassle and go directly for a self storage unit. There are a few different types. If you have only a few things to store, then you might be able to fit them into an oversized locker; these are offered by many indoor storage facilities. Climate controlled storage units are best when you have sensitive items to store, such as glass items or flammable materials. There's also the option of getting an outdoor storage space, and you can often save some money by opting for these over the indoor facilities. No matter which one you choose, this can be a very affordable way to hold onto your stuff rather than selling it or moving it temporarily. 

Move it Anyway

Even for a small move, you might consider going for a moving company if you think that having your familiar furnishings and belongings will help you adjust to life in the new city. You might want to try and whittle down your items before moving them to the new city to reduce these costs a bit. 

Sell it All

You might also choose to take a leap of faith and assume that you'll find a place in the new city, in which case you might want to start fresh. You can get some cash for your items and put it towards the upfront costs of finding a life in your new city. Consider selling furniture and other high dollar items using your local newspaper or a consignment shop. If nothing else, donate them and get a tax write off for your items.