Packing And Storage Tips For Your Portrait Studio's Inventory

31 August 2016
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If you own a portrait studio and are going to be moving your inventory into a larger building in the near future because you have run out of space, the following packing and storage tips will help you keep items that are not currently being used organized and protected. 

Place Film And Photographs In Vacuum-Sealed Bags 

Rolls of film or small photographs will remain protected from moisture it they are placed inside of storage bags that are made out of thick plastic. Many storage bags come with a small vacuum unit that can be used to remove air and compress the bags. Once bags are sealed, place a label on the outside of each one that lists its contents. The bags can neatly be stored inside of a storage container that has a lid.

Set Heavy Or Fragile Equipment In Carts

Heavy equipment that is used to process film or that contains intricate parts that can easily be damaged can be set inside of carts that have caster wheels secured to the bottom of them. Sort and load items into carts. Cover the contents in each one with a cloth so that the items remain dry and aren't exposed to sunlight while they are being moved. Roll the carts up a ramp if you are going to be placing them in the back of a vehicle.

Once you arrive at a storage facility, push the carts down the ramp and into the unit that you are renting. When it is time to move to the larger building, you will not need to struggle or ask for help in order to transport the items to the new facility

Cover Large Portraits 

If you own several, large portraits that are framed, cover them with thick fabric that is secured with heavy-duty tape before moving them. Place a piece of cushioning in between photos that are lined up on top of each other so that they do not become damaged while they are inside of the storage unit. Create a list that describes what each photo is of and where it is located so that you can find ones that are needed in the future without being required to search through all of the contents of the storage unit.

By carefully packing and organizing your shop's inventory, you will have peace of mind and won't need to worry about materials become misplaced or exposed to damaging conditions. For more information, talk to a professional like Glenbrook Self Storage.