These Items Are Best Kept Out Of Your Storage Unit

30 August 2016
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When you rent a unit at your local self-storage facility, your mind will likely be racing as you consider all of the possessions that you'll be able to get out of your house and store in the new space. As you decide what you'll be storing, it's also advantageous to think about the items that aren't advisable to store. Some things are problematic to store in your storage unit for various reasons, while others might be outright prohibited by the storage facility's management. To avoid showing up at the facility with these items in your vehicle, here are some things that you shouldn't think about storing in this location.

Food Products

Food may not be specifically prohibited at your local self-storage facility, but it's generally not a good idea to store food in this location. Unless you opt for a climate-controlled unit, the temperature in your specific storage unit can get cold during the winter and hot during the summer — neither of which is very conducive to storing food. Even if you have items that are viewed as non-perishable, you don't want to risk a bottle's contents freezing and causing the bottle to crack open during the winter, for example. This is problematic not only because of the mess it would make in the unit, but also because it could attract pests. It's best to store your food at home.


While you might be able to technically transport a gun safe to your storage unit and place your firearms inside of it for storage, this isn't an ideal plan. Some storage facilities have rules that prohibit the storage of firearms. Additionally, transporting a large gun safe can be highly difficult, given the weight of the safe. Whether you're keeping firearms for protection or as a collection, it's best to keep them under your own roof.

Household Hazardous Items

Any items that have hazardous logos on them, such as paint, cleaning chemicals, automotive products and other such items shouldn't be kept in your storage unit. Many of these items need to be stored within a specific temperature range, which you can best control in your own home.

Don't Be Discouraged

While there are indeed a handful of items that aren't ideal for storing in your storage unit, don't be discouraged — there are far more things that you can successfully transport to the space for storage. Furniture, clothing, kitchen items, toys and a long list of other household products are perfect for keeping in your new storage unit.

For more information, talk with a storage facility, such as Statewide Self Storage, directly.