How To Store A TV

30 August 2016
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Whether you have an older television with a tube or a model with a flat-screen, you will want to take special care before placing it into a storage unit. The ideal situation is if you still have its original container and all of its packaging items. At any rate, the following information will provide you with the necessary steps to ensure your TV will return to you safely.

Clean It Thoroughly

One of the largest risks to electronics is dust, which can damage the screen and the inner mechanisms. Use a soft cotton or microfiber dust cloth to clean the surface. You can also use a can of compressed air such as the one used on your computer's keyboard. Be sure the screen is dust-free to prevent any scratches.

Pack It Safely

The original packaging contents should have contained a static-free covering material when it was shipped from the factory. The static-free cover is the television's best protection, but can be expensive. However, you do have other options.

You can place it in bubble wrap and add Styrofoam peanuts to the container. Some of the moving companies sell boxes that could be suitable for your model. You can also check at your local electronics store and see if they have one. You can add silica gel packets to the box to help keep the inside of box dry.

If all else fails, you can use thick, soft comforters or blankets around the television and place it in a box.

Store it Correctly

A flat-screen television cannot be stored on its side or back. Be sure to mark the box clearly on the top and bottom, especially if you have others helping you move. Don't stack anything on top of the screen because it will cause serious damage. It would be like sitting an elephant on a window pane!

Choose the Storage Facility Carefully

Fluctuation of temperatures and humidity can easily hurt the flat-screen television. It is very important to choose a facility that has a climate control section. It is even more essential to protect its components if your area experiences frequent changes in environmental factors.

Your television is an investment in the home which needs your protection when it is moving into storage. No matter whether it is one week or one year, these guidelines should ensure you that television will come out of the box safe and sound. You will surely be glad you took all of the special precautions when you sit down to enjoy your favorite television show.