Refuting Common Storage Myths

29 August 2016
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Using a storage unit rental service can be an excellent way of freeing up a substantial amount of space in your home. However, it is a sad reality that there are many people that are not particularly informed or experienced when it comes to these services. This can make it rather easy for them to make the error of believing a few of the common myths that surround storing your items in these units.

Myth: Electronics Do Not Require Special Care To Store

There are some individuals that assume that their electronics will not require special care other than being out of the rain. Yet, these devices can suffer damage if condensation is allowed to form on them. To prevent this type of damage from striking your electronics, you will want to invest in a climate controlled storage unit. These units are designed to keep the humidity and temperature within a constant range, which will prevent condensation from being able to form.

Myth: You Should Wait Until You Remove Your Furniture From Storage To Clean It

There are some people that may assume they should wait to clean their furniture until after they remove it from storage. However, this can prove to be a mistake because the furniture may have dust or other debris on it. Over the course of being stored, these substances can give the furniture a foul, musty odor. To remove these materials, you should have the furniture steam cleaned. Also, you should use a cloth cover to protect the furniture while it is being stored in the unit.

Myth: Plastic Containers Are Always Better Than Cardboard Boxes

While it may seem as though plastic boxes will always be the superior option for storing items, this may not actually be the case. These boxes may have little or no ventilation. This can allow moisture to get trapped inside the plastic container. For items such as clothes, artwork, and papers, this can prove extremely damaging. For these reasons, you may want to consider utilizing cardboard boxes for items that need ventilation.

When you are putting your possessions in a storage unit, you will need to be informed about the truth concerning a few frequently held myths and misconceptions. Knowing the benefits of using cardboard boxes when storing items, the need to place electronics in a climate controlled unit, and the need to clean furniture prior to storing it will allow you to avoid routine issues that first-time storage unit renters may encounter.

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