The Best Times To Secure A Storage Unit

17 March 2019
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Smart consumers know when to buy everything. They know the best times to get the best deals on everything from bed linens to cars. They also know when the best times to hire moving services and secure storage units are. Be a smart consumer when it comes to storage units. Here is what the other smart consumers already know about this particular service. 

Call Storage Facilities a Week Before a Month Ends and the Next Month Begins

Because storage unit proprietors frequently require at least a month's notice before a renter moves his/her belongings out of his/her unit, the storage proprietors already know if they have units (or will have) units available. Rather than wait until the first day of every month, or the first week of every month, call at least one week before one month ends and the next begins. Proprietors can tell you what units will become available, and how much rent they will expect you to put down if you want one of their units. 

Secure a Unit Closest to Home

You will waste far less money, time, and gas if you are able to get a storage unit close to where you live. The closer it is, the less effort it takes to move stuff into the unit. Additionally, if you are looking to rent a unit for the purpose of temporarily relocating your stuff while moving, you can do one of two things. Get a unit with the moving company, if the moving company offers storage, or use their moving trucks to move all of your stuff for storage in a single trip to the nearest unit available. This latter part is particularly important if you are being charged for gas and/or mileage, since moving a ton of stuff into storage less than two miles from where you live will be especially quick and easy. 

Discounts on Units

Absolutely look for storage companies that offer discounts. Even if the discounts are for the first three or six months or the first year, it will save you a ton of money in the long run. Mailers that advertise new storage facilities may also run move-in promotional costs on their units, which may help you manage storage costs when you are not able to budget in storage costs for the first month or two.Definitely call around because many storage facilities charge their own monthly rent, and the range within one city alone can be as much as one or two hundred dollars per month!